Book Haul 

My mama got me these books yesterday as a gift. She gave them to me and then said they were a gift for someone else, which made me smile awkwardly and think "stay chill and pretend you didn't get your hopes up for new books"  She left me hanging for about an hour before she… Continue reading Book Haul 


Book Fair 

Yesterday was the last day of the Book Fair and I thought a lot on whether to go or not for the following reasons:  My to-read list is way to high I have little to no time to read these weeks My bookshelves have run out of space  I can hardly control myself when buying… Continue reading Book Fair 


t5w: books with “hard” topics

A week has passed and now it's time for yet another Wednesday Topic. This one is about the top five books that have the most difficult topics I have read so far such as mental health, sexual assault, illness, etc.. Although I read hard books, I need some time to get myself to do that because I… Continue reading t5w: books with “hard” topics

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My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

Okay, most of us have an enourmous TBR pile that doesn't seem to lower no matter what and I actually love this. The idea that there's a bunch of books I can choose from whenever I feel like reading something new. 01. What book have you been unable to finish? There are some books I… Continue reading My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag