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Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson 4/5 *

I had already written a detailed review for this book including all the good and the bad but instead of writing that here I decided to take another approach and just give you my reasons why I liked this book so much on an emotional level. If you have followed this blog for a while… Continue reading Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson 4/5 *


t5w: books with “hard” topics

A week has passed and now it's time for yet another Wednesday Topic. This one is about the top five books that have the most difficult topics I have read so far such as¬†mental health, sexual assault, illness, etc.. Although¬†I read hard books, I need some time to get myself to do that because I… Continue reading t5w: books with “hard” topics

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My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

Okay, most of us have an enourmous TBR pile that doesn't seem to lower no matter what and I actually love this. The idea that there's a bunch of books I can choose from whenever I feel like reading something new. 01. What book have you been unable to finish? There are some books I… Continue reading My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag


t5w: books you DNF

When I saw this was one of the topics for #T5W I thought "Easy, I think I only DNF like 5 books. So all good." Guess not. I have DNFed more than I thought, which isn't a bad thing at all. Means I haven't spend much time doing something I didn't enjoy just for the… Continue reading t5w: books you DNF


t5w: fictional items you want

Don't you ever read a book and be like: "Why the heck does that not exist? I need it. This spoiled characters have no idea what they got in their hands."  Well, the following ones are my favorite so far... or at least all I could think of at the moment.    The door lock from… Continue reading t5w: fictional items you want