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Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson 4/5 *

I had already written a detailed review for this book including all the good and the bad but instead of writing that here I decided to take another approach and just give you my reasons why I liked this book so much on an emotional level.

If you have followed this blog for a while you’d know that I am trying to change the way I live my life by being more daring and not allowing anxiety ruin everything. So is Emily in a way. She’s a girl who is very dependent on her friend and seems to not know how to function without her. At the very beginning of the book she’s shy, awkward and makes a tree out of a leaf. She can’t seem to know how to make a normal conversation with her school mates and gets embarrassed by everything.


When it comes to personalities we are truly different. I am talkative and will start conversations with everyone and their grandmother. Just give me the chance and I’ll do it. I can also talk about all kinds of shit that Emily would get embarrassed about. I mean she gets embarrassed because she went out without a bra. Come on Emily! I don’t even wear one.

Anyway since some of you might not know, the only friend Emily has is Sloane and one summer she just disappears into the night not even leaving a message telling where she goes. The only thing Emily got from Sloane is a to-do list that might lead Em to her. They aren’t really daring for most of us but as I stated before our main character is really anxious when it comes to doing things alone or to interact with people so everything in that list was a true dare to her.


As pages turn and dares are ticked off the list, Emily grows into another better version of herself. I haven’t seen another character grow so obviously. It was really refreshing. She became outgoing, daring and started taking initiatives, doing things alone and paying more attention to herself. She also accepted Sloane as a human, not a Goddess, and accepted the faults she had and done in their relationship.



Hello fellow spoiler lover. The last thing I’d like to mention is the approach the Author takes when it comes to Frank and Emily’s relationship. I love how they are both feeling like shit after kissing when Frank’s still in a relationship. I mean I know that relationship was obviously over but until you pronounce those words you have a responsibility, unless you’re in an open relationship, which to be honest sounds like the best kind.

Why do I keep going off track? Don’t mind me. I tend to start talking about the French Revolution one moment and the next I’m talking about disgusting shit.

Anyway, it was enjoyable reading that those two took a moment before getting together after he broke up with Lisa and not doing that before he did the move.

All in all, great book. It gave me more optimism. If Emily, queen of awkwardness and embarrassment, can do it then so can I.



1 thought on “Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson 4/5 *”

  1. I really need to read this one! I love girl companionship and the fact that Sloane leaves Emily a to do list to help her both get to her and live life to the fullest sounds amazingly cool. That’s probably the best thing a best friend can do, after all. Also, character growth is always great, especially when it’s this pronounced.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! 🙂 A perfect summer read.


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