Life Update

Hello there,

A little boring life update here. Run.

Firstly, I just took another maturity tooth out. It was fast and I am waiting for the pain to kick in. The second boring thing I have to say is that there’s this shitty thing on my neck and it’s probably there because of my oily skin or allergies. So this week I’ve been walking around wearing an ugly band-aid.

As some of you might know I started the second semester this week and now I don’t know how/when to organize my time being the horrible procrastinator that I am. So that’s one of the reasons why my posts have been scheduled lately and why I haven’t been very active when it comes to commenting and liking your posts. Forgive this badly organized person! 

I haven’t read a single page this whole week unless it was a school book. It feels bad because I can’t tell if it is a reading slump or just a normal busy time of life.

Anyway I will be trying my best to be more active.

Please, bear with me.

Love, AM.



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