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Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 2017

Yesterday, March 16th, I was lying down to rest when my sister reminded me that Beauty and the Beast was coming out that day. We had only thirty minutes to catch it so we ran wearing our jackets on the way there. Ha ha! The movie theater was almost all reserved but we managed to get some tickets fortunately.


Before I continue to give you my opinion on the movie I will include it here with one sentence- I loved it! I enjoyed it tremendously and would go watch it again right now. Maybe writing a review so soon wouldn’t be called one of my brightest ideas as everyone knows with time my feelings change by 180 degrees. I don’t really care.

The movie was truly enchanted. The scenes were magical and so colorful. Belle’s village was filled with bright colors and beautiful flowers. Weren’t it for those shallow people I would have enjoyed living there.


This Belle had her own characteristics, but it wasn’t too far from the Disney’s original. Her head upon the clouds, the dreamy side of her. It was all shown in some small details, such as her dress. Although it was a bit overdone at times.

The Beast had his own twist. He wasn’t the illiterate guy we have grown up with. Instead this Beast was a bookworm who cracked jokes and was really cute.

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 gaston

Luke Evan’s as Gaston was incredible. I can’t imagine a better one really. Someone to grasp his character and portray his selfishness, arrogance, ignorance and monstrosity with such flow. As for Lefou I can say without doubt one of my favorite characters of the movie. He was deep down a very good sarcastic guy who was trying so hard to get attention from Gaston, despite being obviously against many of his ways and thoughts. My favorite line came from him: “I fear the real monster is free.”

I was a little worried about how the talking furniture would turn out but they were pretty good. We got to see more of some of them, both as humans and cursed furniture/antics.

This movie followed the animated one perfectly and also managed to give us new lovely scenes and fill plot holes about the beast, the curse, Belle’s mother, the enchantress and why nobody remembered the castle. It also added some new scenes and two songs to the original soundtrack. Both catchy, especially Beast’s who gave us some more insight of his growing love.

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 gaston

Yes, if you look hard enough you’ll probably find mistakes. But in my honest opinion this movie was a perfect animated to live-action adaptation. It brought me joy and raised my expectations on the future Disney movies.


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 2017”

      1. I want to but I’m having loads of exams as of the moment so I guess they will have to wait. XD Or I’ll wait to have a downloadable HD movie. Haha! But I really really want to watch this in a cinema. 🙂

        Is it as good as Cinderella’s live action movie?

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