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February Wrap-Up/ March TBR

Hello everyone,

Happy March! It’s raining here today but hey, rain is beautiful and as V says “God is in the rain.”

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Okay, that was a depressing photo. Sorry.

Anyway since February has already packed its bags, which for me is quite a nice thing because I consider it to be one of my less favorite months due to all the anxiety is causes me, I decided to do a wrap up and a March TBR.

February Wrap Up

The only book I managed to finish this month was My Lady Jane, whose mini-review you can find by clicking right there on the title. I was slightly disappointed with it but I don’t consider it to be a bad read.

The end of February also signed my victory with the two-month book buying ban I had given myself and I was thinking of postponing it till May, when the new book in the ACOTAR triology comes out. That is still undecided though since there are a couple of books I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Currently Reading

March TBR

I’m not very good at following TBR lists because I’m more of a mood reader but I thought to try it anyway since it wouldn’t cause me a thing. My list for this month is:

What are you planning to read this month?


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