Life Update

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Lately I have been feeling a little down. Nothing seems to go as I plan and all my efforts feel like going to waste.

Yesterday I sat on my bed, the same bed on which I have only slept once in two years, and just stared at the door. I feel kind of lost and afraid of falling into despair again and feel the depression I felt some years ago. The depression that drove me away from my friends and everything that I liked, back on the second year of High School. It’s always hard writing about what I feel, as every time I put a word on the paper it loses its meaning.

I am not sure if these are just a couple of bad days and I am overreacting, but still thought I’d share here since the reason behind the creation of this blog was to share my everyday life, hence the title “thedailyam”. It strayed from its first purpose but I still feel it as my journal. To me this blog is like a supportive friend who doesn’t ask what’s wrong or why I am MIA most of the time but is still here nonetheless.

To fight this irritating feeling I decorated my bedroom door with quotes and fan art from some of my favorite books/characters. Back in my childhood days I’d not even think of doing something like this, it’d seem like ruining a perfectly clean space but now it is so heartwarming and encouraging.

Anyway, thank you for reading and of course for following this blog although it’s not a very active one. I’ll try to make it better.

Love, AM.


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