T5W: Favorite non-written novels

The topic of this week’s Wednesday is favorite non-written novels, so graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. I do not listen to audiobooks but I read the other types mentioned above so here are my choices.

  • Yumi’s Cells

This is a very cute webtoon about a girl’s life and the brain cells that keep her moving. It’s a sweet and funny story that you should give a try if you’re looking for some “non-written” novels.

  • Space Boy

This is also a webtoon. It’s about a girl whose family is forced to go back to Earth after her father was fired from his job in a mining Planet. Back to Earth she’ll meet people and learn things but most importantly she’ll befriend a mysterious guy who can’t tell if the world he’s living is real or just a friction of his imagination, a nothing.

  • Dragon Ball/ Dragon Ball Z

Ok. You have probably heard about this one, but it is one my favorite mangas and animes so I had to include it. It’s full of fights, silly jokes and has a great art. 

  • Gangsta

Gangsta is a manga about two handyman who do the dirty chores given by the people and sometimes the police of a town that is shady and unsafe. The people are divided into humans and twilights, who are people with enhanced abilities earned from the usage of a drug named Celebrer. It contains mature content and can get violent at times. 

I was recommended this by two guys at a bookstore to whom I am thankful. Right now the manga is on hiatus because of the mangaka’s (artist’s) health.

  • V for Vendetta

“Remember, remember. The 5th of November.”

This one is a powerful graphic novel about a rebel, a justice warrior, an anarchist who wants to revolutionize the world and regain the freedom and identity lost in a totalitarian world. 

What are your favorite non-written novels? Comment your choices or links down below. I’d love to know! 🙂  


9 thoughts on “T5W: Favorite non-written novels”

  1. I grew up watching Dragon Ball and it’s still one of my favorite anime of all time. It’s a bit aged, for sure, but it never fails to make me smile. I’ve never read V for Vendetta but I watched the movie. Powerful and a little bit depressing hahaha But can’t deny how valuable it is.

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    1. Yes, I always sit and watch it whenever it is on TV. Never fails to cheer me up, but this is probably because I have good memories associated with it.

      Depressing? I guess I should have included that in the description, lol.

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  2. omg i love Gangsta so, so much! i actually watched the anime before being introduced to the manga, but the manga is much better paced and i fell absolutely in love with the story & characters. it’s rare to find someone else who likes it, so i was pleasantly surprised when you included it in your post. great post btw!! c:

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