T5W: Book trends you are tired of

This week’s topic for the Top 5 Wednesday is to talk about book trends you are tired of like cover designs, tropes, etc. Surprisingly I had to think a lot to come up with this list, but here it is.

  • Fairytale retellings

The amount of Beauty and the Beast retellings that have been and are being released is ridiculous and this is being said by a huge B&tB lover. I mean how many of those should be released before the originality is completely gone if it hasn’t already? The retellings are going out of control. The following chart is just a small fraction of all of these.


  • Bodies and faces on the cover

From all the beautiful designs you can create based on that title and synopsis you have to take the easy way out and just put an unrelated face to the cover?

  • Over protective love interest

No. No. No. No. Don’t try to tell me these dude who gets jealous over nothing and wants to know every step you make is the one and that I should swoon over him because I’d actually run for the hills. And you should probably do that too!

  • Trilogies and series

Can’t we have a beautiful, well-written stand alone or even duology if that’s too much to ask for? Most of the time the second book sucks or is completely unnecessary.

  • Love triangles that are way to obvious

No. I am not saying the usual “stick to one guy” thing. Instead I’m gonna say make it a love square or a hexagon, but don’t make the choice so obvious and let me cheer for someone without knowing the result for certain. I love a goodly made triangle or square or whatever number of people you decide to include in it.

  • Blushing girls

Why? Whyyyy? Whyyyyyy? It makes me cringe. She is a fucking hunter/assassin/killer and she blushes when brushing hands with a guy. Please.



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