I had promised myself to toughen up and I have. It’s just that in certain days I retreat from everything and my world is on hiatus

Just like magic! You raise your hand and just shout stop. A nice illusion sugarcoating a chaotic surrounding. It makes you feel like recharging, like walking on clouds. It is helping. 

But It is a lie. 

No. You did not walk through the universies nor did you freeze the world. You are still here; but now blind to the movements and deaf to the sounds. 

So despite everything you should keep going, never stop walking, never stop living. I remembered a quote from a book: 

“Why do we keep walking Catherine? 

Because if we stop, we die.”

It might sound silly but that quote gets me going every time I feel the need to retreat, recharge and shout stop to the world. I should not stop anymore. 


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