Book Fair 

Yesterday was the last day of the Book Fair and I thought a lot on whether to go or not for the following reasons: 

  • My to-read list is way to high
  • I have little to no time to read these weeks
  • My bookshelves have run out of space 
  • I can hardly control myself when buying books 

But guess what? I went anyway. My parents thought it was a good idea to break out of all the school-work monotony and also… they love it. 

I bought 19 books, three of which signed by very friendly authors. Although I think I have some signed books in my bookshelves (not sure), none was dedicated to me until now. Such a pleasant experience! 

The books are all of interest to me-not a single one was bought on impulse, thing of which I am really proud

The fair seemed so much smaller this time; maybe because I already knew most of the books there as I follow the Publishing Houses on their respective sites regularly. 

Still such a fun time! 


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