Anger outburst. 

There are days I know the world’s calls should be put on hold otherwise I will end up doing things, saying things that will cause people sadness and negativity. 

You know what they say-The world does not stop because of your rage and anger so try to be a happy little bunny… but sometimes it does. Sometimes I can not be a happy little bunny. 

This black hole I have inside is scary and horrible and in certain times it starts sparking fire. When it happens I see no people, no age, no gender or relation. Just. Anger. Rage. 

So I wonder why. Why does this happen? I am starting to create a mind map and see what causes this and why. 

It just comes and goes in a brick of moment. Blink your eyes. Gone. 

When I started to write this it was here and after these couple of sentences it is already left behind. I want it out of my system. 


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