Back home. 

I am finally back from my trip. It was very tiring because I had a slight fever during the entire flight on my way home so now everything hurts; my nose, ribs, throat and my voice sounds like nails scratching a blackboard. 

I am very thankful for everyone who showed their worries; especially my amazing friend who never fails to make me laugh about things like this. I know she has many things going on right now with school and stuff but still asks me how I am. I am so going to buy her a giraffe in the future. 

My cats have been so playful and loving, especially the young one whom I was afraid might had grown cold towards me. The older, oh well, he resembles me more than he should in the love area, so a stare from afar, a couple of meows and keeping you company in the bathroom, these are the biggest sign of love he can give. 

On Monday my life starts fully; school, courses, work and some other things that I do. But I have decided to take it easy. 

I am also writing lately, not sure what yet. But I am writing something and it is messy, wierd, me. Not sure if I will ever share it with the world but I am sharing it with myself and it feels good. 


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