Back to China 2: Guangzhou- I and food should become better friends. 

I woke up at 6 o’clock today morning after a really good rest. I tried my best to straighten this stubborn hair who also appear to show a part of my personality- but didn’t really achieve anything. Then decided to only eat a small piece of cake for breakfast, which is not my type of thing at all. I need toast, mayo, eggs, prosciutto and mixed juice (pear, apple, mandarins, orange and everything else that there can be in the fruit box) to feel happy. 

Had dinner with some people and it was really nice. They were really considerate towards my food-related opinions. I felt really awkward when they went to buy me KFC while everyone was eating HOTPOT at a very good restaurant. It must not have felt good to the service there either. 

To be honest, it was the first time I ever ate KFC because I am not very fond of fast food. Not surprising, I know. But what is surprising is that I really enjoyed it. Also those Chinese buns, yummy. 

There was a lot of alcohol included, not a sip of which drank by me. Not even smelled by me. That thing better stay far from my liver. 

Hey, someone else told me I am beautiful today very excitedly. You can not imagine my awkwardness. 

The day was a nice one!

Let’s hope the next few days will be nice too. 


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