In China Again: Trip and first impression on Guangzhou

Finally arrived at the destination after a one-day trip. Woke up and got out of my house at 1:30AM of October 13th and set foot in Guangzhou’s airport at 11:30AM of October 14th. 

The flight from Vienna to Shanghai was a real pain. I had a horrible headache throughout the first five hours and the plane was as full as it can get- so you could forget getting some space for a sleeping position that doesn’t require a gymnast’s flexibility.

After sleeping from one shoulder to the other- yes, this time I was in the middle of a four line seat- I decided to make myself stay awake no matter what. I heard some very funny conversations. This dude took sausages, cheese, bread and spinach pie with him on the plane. Despite everyone’s looks, I think he was winning in that flight. Being one of those people who can’t even see or smell airplane food, I thought it was a perfect idea and I might or might not consider it for myself. 

Leaving the uncomfortable seats aside, both first flights were good. One of the flight attendants was so sweet and caring. The third flight though- omg- I could not keep my eyes open. It was once way too cold and once way too hot for me. You could tell I was utterly tired and looked like shit.

In my first night here I can tell you that my first impression on Guangzhou is a very good one. The streets are very colorful around my hotel and there are too many local restaurants, which I might try in the days ahead. 

After doing some work, we decided to get some food. There was this Brazilian restaurant named “Latin Grill House” where my father had eaten way to many times before so we just went for it. As you already know I am a horrible picky eater- it even goes beyond likes and dislikes. So meat? I was not so sure about that, but to my surprise I truly enjoyed eating at this place, waiters coming at your table to give you various kinds of meat and the environment was friendly and cheerful. I am satisfied. 

I  went for a walk after eating and there was this guy with some papers on his hands, so as he was passing me he just tried to say something and in that moment I really judged him. I thought he’d want to sell me something or give me leaflets and you can imagine me being “oh hell no, boy bye”, but he looked me straight in the eyes and said “you’re beautiful.” I was like: “thanks?” And we just kept walking. 

I also saw three cutie pies, a golden retriever, a big fluff ball and a ignoring cat. I even took a picture of the fluff ball and mr. Ignore Everyone, but unfortunately wordpress can’t upload my photos right now due to some  unknown problem. 

Let’s hope for even better day ahead! 


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