My top 10 webtoons of the moment

It is no news that my reading life at the moment is touching the bottom with only four books read during September. I have been chosing conversations with real life friends rather than the fictional ones awaiting between the pages. I have focused completely on my plans, goals and future so there’s been little to no time for spacing out. I will go back though, very soon. I am not I without books. 

Despite all this, my mourning routine does include some minutes of webtoon reading. Some of my favorite at the moment are: 

1. Yumi’s Cells 

This webtoon shows us what goes on in our heads in the cutest way; why we say the things we say, why we do the things we do. The author ties the story in a way that makes perfect sense. It is funny, sweet and shows us Yumi and her funny cells through her ups and downs. 

2. Miss Abbott And The Doctor

Miss Abbott is a very unique girl who goes on spiritual trips, hunts for treasures and lives life as she pleases without being judged one bit, in a Jane Austen era’s society. The Doctor is a very responsible guy who does not get her adventures at all. And they are completely clueless when it comes to love, which makes it quiet humorous. 

3. Immortal Nerd

Nokia’s story on a futuristic world. No genders in this so for many it might be confusing (one moment someone’s a he and the next a she), but if you don’t give a flying banana about that thing like I do you’ll enjoy the story a lot. The author tries to make the readers participate as much as possible. 

4. Heroin Chic

A webtoon about fashion and heroes, as well as M.B Jogger and his daily morning run.

5. New Normal: Class 8

A group of kids whose normal isn’t quite the same as the generally accepted normal. 

6. Girl’s Of The Wild

Although lately this manga is focusing more on romance, I am still following every update with the hope that it will soon return to the awesome fights and great friendship stories. There are badass girls here. Worth a try. 

7. Saphie: The One Eyed-Cat

Cute short stories about the real life of Saphie and her family. I belive everyone who loves cats will really enjoy this. 

8. Bluechair

It’s Shen, king of webtoon and his silly art that will always be relatable. 

9. Siren’s Lament 

A world of a once heartbroken siren and heartbroken human, stuck in a inbetween condition being neither fully siren nor fully human, trying to find a way to break a curse that will free them. Funny with a bit of romance. 

10. Kind Of Confidential 

Superheroes. Super villains. And everything in between. 

Have you guys read any of these? 


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