Useless random post 

Hey guys, 

Woohoo. Things are moving. Two of my exam scores came and they were excelent. Yeap, the same exams I swore I would fail couple weeks ago. I am weird. Don’t ask. 

That aside, I bought a new decoration for my bookshelves. A very cute green cat. Note to everyone who knows me: if you’re not sure what book to buy for my birthday get me cat related gifts. 

Uh. Uh. Listen to this. 


wait for it


wait for it

My first dress in like ten years. 

Also went bra-less today and decided that I should do that more often from now on. 

Aaannnd went out of my reading slump.

Useless random post I know but just thought to share this until I get time to write some good posts. 


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