yiwu, second day in china trip.  

Hello guys, 

Today was my second day in China and last day in Yiwu’s Yourworld International Conference Hotel. 

This hotel is huge. It has everything inside; swimming pool, beauty salon, spa, ping pong room, gym, poker room, music room, ballroom, chess room and many restaurants. I almost got lost my first time out the room😂 I went up and down the elevator three times. 

Yeah, what a fail! The security guys must have had a good laugh. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t go sightseeing around this city due to work (only saw it from car and building windows) but hopefully I will manage to do that a lot in Shanghai. 

I saw the big Yiwu market. You probably have heard about it because it is one of maybe THE biggest in the world. It’s almost 34 years old and you need to walk one month non stop to be able to see all its alleys, without visiting the inside of the shops. 

The food was also very delicious and I got to try new things whose names I can’t recall because they were given to me in Chinese. I can only say I tried noodles for the first time and that’s a huge deal because I am afraid of every food shaped like a spaghetti (long and slim like that). Also the people surrounding us were very friendly and helpful, always encouraging me to eat and telling stories behind some particular food. 
I hope I did my job well, although I still have time to test myself in it. Since I translate there are new obsticals each moment. Sometimes I don’t understand a specific word relating a specific topic and sometimes they don’t. It is right then that you need to use gestures, sounds, plain key words, etc.. It’s a science on its own and it is fun but risky as well. 

I also got my periods. 

yeay. not. 

Anyway, how was your day? 


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