yiwu first full day 

Hello everyone, 

Right now I am in Yiwu, China. This is the only photo I have taken of the city unfortunately because I haven’t got the chance to go sightseeing yet. You know I am here primarly for work so it has taken up all my time, except for maybe breakfast and sleep time. 

I have to say I enjoyed this very much yesterday although I was tired out of my mind and bursted crying because of a horrible headache. To be honest, my cry was a brat’s whine on not getting what she wanted like sleep in the afternoon. Because I do that when I am on holidays, I sleep in the afternoon. Haha! 

As for eating, it went just as you might have thought it went. They were worried I didn’t like the food. Said I might get sick, I was too skinny, I might get too weak, etc.. Talk about being in the centre of attention. The food is very good but I can’t eat all that much. Like my father’s friend says I eat less than his three year old son. Btw he was really cute and knew some phrases in English already. 

Today I will keep continue working with a horrible headache. How nice, right? 

Hope I get to go sightseeing as well but only if I am feeling good enough physically. 

Hope you are all enjoying your week! 


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