i’m in China

Hello guys, I am in China. Although this has been a dream of mine for a long time, along with it come a thousand responsabilities as the trip is primerly a business one. 

My fears of the moment are not being good enough at my job and eating out. You know it comes from my fears related to food but people here don’t know that and it makes me feel stressed. So add to the pressure of work, the pressure of eating while working. Haha! Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

For a minute there I wanted to call sick but then again, how can I run away from this? I know most of people find my fear ridiculous but aren’t they all, at least a tiny bit? I can’t help it. 

Wish me luck! I need it. 

Ps: I know this post is a fucked up mess (words here and there, sentences not very related to eachother, grammar mistakes) but so am I right now with four hours of sleep after a 17 hour flight, no proper food (by that I mean soup or homemade food, mostly soup) and all the stress. 



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