i think i might be a hypochondriac

Hello everyone,

This is the first time I am actually saying this outloud to other people other than my sister but I think there is a huge possibility that I might be a hypochondriac.

And I am not saying this because one beautiful day I woke up and said “maybe I should be a hypochondriac this year”. I swear that’s not it! Those who know me truly know exactly how obsessed I am with every little pain in my body. I would go around doing research over a finger ache not only for myself but other people as well. I worry like hell and after visiting doctors I feel a little better but not yet secure for my health being good.

Being unsure on how to verify this I’ve done online tests but feel horrible because I always end up ticking almost everything and it sounds kind of silly. Someone who knows my little problem perfectly, that isn’t little at all, says that there is no need to run tests for something that is as clear as ice.

I know for some of you it might sound funny or a drama thing but it’s pretty serious so if you have something to say, like advice or tests or whatever, please feel free to let me know.  



2 thoughts on “i think i might be a hypochondriac”

    1. Yeah, it was pretty new to me as well. I only had vague information about it.

      It’s when someone believes himself to be sick even if the medical examinations prove the contrary.


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