stupidly chosing classes

Earlier this week I made a decision on which classes to follow this semester. 

I went for Gender Equality and Legal Writing and Judgment. I actually wanted to go with another subject that had to do with culture and linguistics but everyone told me that university decided not to keep that class for this year. 

Today morning, I was scrolling through facebook and guess what? There was an information about that class being back. 

You can only imagine how pissed I got. I just stayed calm for a few minutes staring at the ceiling and my cat was looking at me in a you-acted-so-fucking-stupid way. He’s never been so right. 

Not sure if I should be mad at myself for chosing way too early or mad at those idiots who gave me the wrong infomation. 

So. Fucking. Stupid. Of. Me

Let’s hope Legal Writing will be worth it. Anyone has followed this class? 


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