march life update✅

Hey there, March is almost over and so is the time to complete the first goals I ever put for myself. 

To be honest when I first wrote them in this blog I had no belief they were going to ever be accomplished. To my surprise and everyone’s who knows me well enough it went pretty well. 


Get at least one extra point in all my subjects in the upcoming semester. (Wouldn’t such a good start be amazing?)

It would have been pretty amazing but unfortunately this is the only goal I didn’t manage to complete *sobs* And fortunately not because of my own faults other than the professors who decided to give us an easy start. In April though, may the odds be ever in your favor. 


Decide whether to take the opportunity to study one of my favorite languages or postpone it.

I have started a Japanese course and already know hiragana pretty well. It’s so much fun! 


Read 10 books to make up for the reading slump.

I have had an amazing reading month although my read list consists of mostly manga. My currently read is The Handmaid’s Tale and Dengeki Daisy. 


Accept the hang-out invitations.

Almost everyday! Are these claps I’m listening? Thank you, thank you everyone! *bows* 


Get a new hairstyle.

Cut more than half of my hair and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 


Plus story: during my high school days I’ve had a Patriarchy advocate friend with whom I had a love-hate relationship or to be completely honest, we didn’t exist for each other unless it was about an argument in this matter. 

I think I’ve replaced him with someone else but this time around he is a bit more understanding and ready to accept new facts or so I hope. 

We had an argument just now actually and ignored each other afterwards. Are we even friends anymore? ふふふ  


How was this month for you? Did you manage to accomplish what you were hoping to? 


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