t5w: books you DNF

When I saw this was one of the topics for #T5W I thought “Easy, I think I only DNF like 5 books. So all good.

Guess not. I have DNFed more than I thought, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Means I haven’t spend much time doing something I didn’t enjoy just for the sake of it. I know some of the following books come as no surprise because I’ve seen a lot of other people giving up on them but anyway, let’s get to them: 


  1. Matched. I started this as an audio book and was actually enjoying it. So I decided to buy a physical copy because that’s how I mostly read. Worst decision ever. Couldn’t read another page. I’m not sure why as I really didn’t find it boring or anything. I just hit a wall.
  2. Le prime luci del mattino. Okay, there was no story in this other then a couple having sex. Even erotica books have a plot. I thought it was only me, that I missed something but all the reviews were awful.
  3. The devil wears prada. The writing wasn’t my cup of tea. The first chapters were plain boring and with no movement. Monotonous and dull.
  4. Brilliant possitive thinking. Self-help books are not for me. Never have been and never will be. I don’t know why I keep trying. This was another let down.
  5. Aleph. I don’t even remember anything about this books other then tears and trains. Has anyone read this? I need to know if I remember correctly.

As you can clearly see my problem is mostly the plot. If it’s not going anywhere than either am I. Bye book.

What about you lovely bookworms? Which is the book you didn’t consider twice before dropping?

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3 thoughts on “t5w: books you DNF”

  1. I watched Devil wears Prada and I enjoyed the movie though I have never read the book. That was the case with Notebook and Lipstick Jungle,few cases where the movies were better for me. Have you watched, Devil Wears Prada or did you get the book only?

    I also don’t like self-help books 🙂

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