high school, the happiest years… not

Hello everyone,

I have heard my high school teachers claim that as soon as I leave for university I will miss HS years and call them the happiest of my life. That is a very sad thing to say and believe. If the happiest years of your life are those of age 15-18 then you better go out there and do something fun.

Maybe they are for some people, but although my university is pretty difficult and the lecture hours are long and with no breaks inbetween to eat, drink or go the bathroom like we’re some sort of cyborgs I enjoy it way more than my High School days.

First of all I don’t have why to listen to my Physics teacher go on and on how Physics is the most important thing in the whole universe and that Sociology, Literature and Career Education are useless and they wouldn’t exist without it.

I am myself more than ever. These people understand me more than my friends of 12 years and more, ever did. They know the mean in me, kind in me, funny in me and the other way around. I don’t have to listen to ew she/he’s fat or ew she/he’s ugly. And we mostly have the same interests. Of course, not all of these people are my type but I don’t mind having them around, the complete opposite of my younger years.

Finally I get to see a whole new side of me and get to expand my horizons. Of course not everything has gone smoothly. I have experienced some very ugly things emotionally but also found the courage to ask for help.

Do I miss my high school days? They were fun but no. Do I want to go back? I was less responsible but no. Do I consider them the happiest in my life? I am only 19 how am I even being asked this question? By the way, NO.

A new environment and new people can be very good for you. So next time you listen to some bullshit like “these are your happiest years and everything else is gonna suck” don’t let it get to you because they are not the ones to decide, are they?



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