guots: character dating profile

First let’s clear something up before you keep reading; I have no idea how to create a dating profile so I apologise in advance if this doesn’t look like one at all. I have to admit that I even googled <men dating profile examples> and remained clueless. 

The character was randomly chosen. I have also added some likes and dislikes based on my thoughts only that might or might not have been mentioned in the book. 

Name: Rhysand

Nicknames: Rhys

Age: 25

Gender: male

Appearance: dark short hair, pale skin, blue-violet eyes, tall, muscular, covered in tattoos

Likes: night, ravens, black, stars, rich clothes, graceful people, sense of security, feathers, long boots, wings, tattoos, designs

Dislikes: annoying and uneducated people, being joked around, masks, being underestimated

About me: Hello! I’m Rhysand from the Night Court. I have no clue why I am opening this dating profile but this girl kept bugging me about it so to make her stop I decided to do it. All you need to know is that I am amazingly handsome. I have a bunch of tattoos here and there… and everywhere. Wanna see? Always wearing knee-length boots and leather clothes, but when I feel like wearing underwear I usually wear a pair of black boxers. I love black as you can tell. If you are looking for a fairytale romance please do me a favour and leave right now. I know all my qualities so if you are one of those modest, shy, insecure people please join the <fairytalers> that left just a sentence ago. But if you consider yourself a little night owl that fears nothing and sees more than meets the eye then I wait with open arms. 



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