t5w: fictional items you want

Don’t you ever read a book and be like: “Why the heck does that not exist? I need it. This spoiled characters have no idea what they got in their hands.” 

Well, the following ones are my favorite so far… or at least all I could think of at the moment.   

  1. The door lock from Howl’s Moving Castle. One single door sends you to many places. How cool is that?
  2. Zanpakuto from Bleach. I like swords in literature and movies. Zanpakuto is not an usual sword. It has two stages, one stronger than the other. And best of all it is a mirror of your spirit energy.
  3. Emotion Ring from Absolute Boyfriend. I love psychology and this ring collects data of human emotional reaction to various things. It would be great for studying the field naturally without causing harm to anyone and/or also help people deal with them.
  4. Flying Carpet from The Arabian Nights. Travelling everywhere you want anytime you want, isn’t that great? Unless you fall of course… That’s a whole different story.
  5. Talismans from Kamisama Kiss. They’re great but would not actually be of use unless you’re a God, which obviously I am not. 

What about you bookworms? Which is your all time favorite item used in books? Let me know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “t5w: fictional items you want”

  1. THE DOOR LOCK. ANOTHER HOWL FAN. I LOVE THOSE MOVIES SO MUCH. I went through a phase of constant FANFICTION reading because of those movies! Great post!!!

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