get up offa that slump: bookish things you really want 

Having had someone very dear with a kindey problem I hope you understand that I couldn’t write the original name for this day’s post, but you can check it out here. These are some bookish things I’d love to have/do/happen.

1) A meeting with book characters like Mr. Darcy, Mr. Tilney, Aaron Warner and author like Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, etc.

“you know when people ask these kind of questions and you don’t even remember the name of the book you’re reading atm. it’s happening”

2) I am in love with bookmarks but started collecting them only last year. I mostly like the ones that are actually related to a specific book or manga.

These Jane Austen bookmarks are so beautiful. They look like a DIY, but I would so buy them.


Bookmarks of Bleach. They’re funny and show the characters’ personalities so well.
Dragon Ball is my all-time favorite anime and manga. I want everything related to it. Hear this my family and friends?


3) Funko Pop. They’re so beautiful to be put on my bookshelves but unfortunately I’m afraid they might come damaged so not taking the risk.

the only disney movie I can’t get tired of watching, aside from Mulan.


I think this was to be expected by now


just Ichigo would be fine, thanks


4) Jewellery related to books are amazing, but I couldn’t find any good photos. I have them in my mind though.

5) Posters. I like to frame 3D posters and hang them on my walls. The paper ones are too plain in my opinion.

So I guess that’s all I could think of right now. Do you have any good sites to buy bookish things from?


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