cooking: chocolate coconut balls

I have previously mentioned that this month I have made a friend who is helping me a lot. I’ll call this person H. 

Lately H gave me an advice on how to deal with my tiny eating problem. According to H cooking is a nice option.

Well. Cooking and I are not in a very close relationship and for more than one week I didn’t take it into consideration at all. 

Then I came across a recipe for Chocolate Coconut Balls and decided to try. It came out… unflavorable in my opinion. Everyone else seemed to like it though.  

Here’s some of them. thedailyam©Well. They don’t look very good but what did you expect? All I can cook are brownies and bruscettas… I guess Chocolate Balls as well now. 

Although I don’t enjoy cooking, I’ll think I’ll try again sometimes soon. 

Any easy and fun recipe you can recommend to a person who is very picky when it comes to food? 


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