february life update

Here’s a little life update about February that you may or may not care about right now due to your own problems. I am sharing this because this community of bloggers have helped me a lot through this month full of stress and anxiety. 

I finally got rid of my exams. The last one was today. Two of my scores were excellent and I’m really proud of myself. The other four I have yet to see, but I seriously don’t care at this point and don’t know why. Haha!

My reading slump kind of got to an end and I am free to travel in the world of books like I usually do.

There is a huge opportunity for me to learn one of my favorite languages ever but I am yet considering it. Knowing myself and my interest that is constatly moving from one thing to another in extreme speed, I have to think a lot before taking that step.

My eating problem is not as bad as it previously was. I have started to eat a lot more and am trying to gain a little weight so I can feel good with my body.

I am meeting someone who is helping me figure things out and I am very glad about it.

I am also thankful for the growth of this blog over this month and the new friends I made here. I am thankful for my family and the support they give me. And also my friends that throw jokes here and there when you least expect it.

  • Book of the month: Northanger Abbey (I had been postponing this for months, but I really enjoyed reading it)
  • Movie of the month: Pride and Prejudice (It never fails to make me feel better… and angry sometimes, especially when the version doesn’t include the garden scene)
  • Song of the month: BTS- War of hormone (It makes me wanna learn the choreography)

Hopefully March will be a good month for all of us.


2 thoughts on “february life update”

  1. Recently my school had an intern teach our math and science classes, and my grades evidently dropped. I know this sounds a little bit rude, but ever since she left my grades definitely went up.

    I’m so happy that you finally got rid with some of your anxiety and stress! I hope you will do good in March, April, May … and the rest of 2016!

    xx NoodleCreature 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you NoodleCreature!❤️

      I think the teacher has a lot to do with how well we do in a certain subject, so you don’t sound rude at all to me. At least, your grades have gone up again. Hope you only have inspiring teachers from now on.


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