what’s in my amazon cart atm(?)

As all of you bookworms out there I also spend most of my free time surfing the net… amazon, I spend my time on Amazon. My cart is not all that loaded with books because I try not to buy many before lowering my TBR pile at home which consists of around 150 books (some are passed to me from my grandmother). No shame here! I seriously see no shame in having a huge TBR pile and still buying/borrowing books, but the only reason I want to lower it is because there are a lot of amazing books that are still resting there and I need to get to them asap.

Anyway, as of the moment my cart has more mangas than books because I’ve had a kind of a reading slump and not too much free time. So these are the loves in my cart:

  1. Glass Sword  by V. Aveyard
  2. The Rose and The Dagger by R. Ahdieh
  3. A Court of Mist and Fury by S. J. Maas
  4. The Crown by K. Cass
  5. Unite Me by T. Mafi
  6. Dragon Ball 24,25,26 by A. Toriyama
  7. Cruel Crown by V. Aveyard
  8. Gangsta 3,4,5,6,7 by Kohske
  9. Bleach 37,38,39 by T. Kubo
  10. Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo by G. Mineta
  11. My Japanese Husband Still Thinks I’m Crazy by G. Mineta
  12. Korean flash cards by S. Kim
  13. Every Day by D. Levithan
  14. Castle in the Sky by D. Jones
  15. House of Many Ways by D. Jones

As you can see there are children’s books, mangas, comics, learning books. I seriously go from genre to genre without even noticing. Haha! Anyone else

Which one should I get first? I usually buy four or five at a time (mostly… I swear) because it takes them too much time to arrive and the shipping fee is high all the same. 

Let me know which one sound more interesting to you. 





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