reorganizing bookshelves

Reorganizing bookshelves was one of my biggest pleasures… until my shelves decided that they couldn’t hold any more books. 

Since then organizing them has been a chaos. I put books on books on books. 

You know in those movies where you take a book out and a door magically opens. Well, if you take a book out of my shelves another one magically appears… and another one after that. 

Now you’d say why don’t you get more shelves? Well, I love the ones that I have and buying more would mean to take down this one. Plus it’s expensive. And deciding between shelves and new books, do you really think I’d chose shelves? 

Here’s one of my most well-organized one.


I’m really proud of this one!

Now I’m asking you bookworms out there, how do you solve a problem like this? Is there another way to organize your books so they will take less space in the shelves? 


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