burning paper

One year ago, exactly on February 17th I experienced a very shocking thing, a loss of someone very very dear to me. 

A lot of people came to talk about it but I couldn’t say anything about how and what happened. And one year later I still can’t.  One year later the pain and fear is still here. 

So I was told to write down all my mouth couldn’t say. I was told my fingers would move on their own. Write it and burn it

So I did. Today I finally wrote all I experienced, all the pain hanging down my throat and shoulders, all the fears and guilts that hunt me. 

At first the tears were gathering and started to fall on that stupid piece of paper. I thought it was a horrible idea. But word after word I was smiling, not noticing that by then the paper had some good memories written on it. 

A little weight drifted. As the paper burned I can’t say I felt much better but at least I did something other than keep everything inside, eating my breaths and good thoughts. 

I would seriously recommend doing this if there is something you can’t talk about. It’s a tiny practice so that one day you can. 


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