anxiety problems

Just when I though my anxiety days were over they kind of started to come back. It feels difficult to breath or focus on what I am doing. My head feels light. Might be because of the exam stress and the fact that I haven’t gone out a lot lately. 

No matter how I try to control it, it hardly leaves. Focusing on other things I enjoy doesn’t work very well; TV shows, comedies, Kdrama, books. Nothing. 

Finally I decided to just write it down and seek for help from any of you who has experienced it and can give me advice


2 thoughts on “anxiety problems”

  1. I’ve had long-term generalised anxiety disorder, and the best thing in my case, was to begin practicing meditation. There are 10 day mindfulness meditation courses held across the globe that are charged on a donation basis only, that will give you some outstanding tools to remain balanced, objective and in control. Medication can also help, and not just anti-anxiety medication, but most mild anti-depressants have a positive effect on it.

    For now, when you feel that way, draw all attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly, and very, very deeply. This will slow your heart rate down and pump more oxygen into your blood; anxiety becomes physiological when we start to lose oxygen supply.

    Also remember that you are by no means alone: many people you’d never even think had an issue are probably going through a similar thing from time to time. If it’s persistent I’d definitely recommend seeing a GP, but if you’re a disciplined person willing to take on a challenge, the best bet would be to do a Vipassana mindfulness meditation course.

    Best of luck πŸ™‚

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