friendship quality chart


Little time ago, while I was searching the web I came across this chart of friendship. I don’t really show any interest in these kind of things but I was curious to see in which category my friendships got into. 

I agree with the chart here but not completely. That’s because I saw that people put all kinds of friends in the chart but I think this must be valid only for close friends or best ones. 

See why… 

One of my latest friendships (close one) got into the red area. Not that I was surprised anyway. It was really forced, boring and gave me a negative vibe. We faked being close friends so it wasn’t either enjoyable or healthy. We were all aware of it. Once we moved from close-friends to friends it all got better. 

Friendships come in all forms. For as long the person is not a close friend and still falls into one of the categories you don’t have to worry. Don’t spend a lot of time with them and that’s all. 


If someone you consider very close does then I guess you have to send them all the way to that friendship-level elevator and down to the friends floor or even ground floor, depends on you


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