losing interest easily

I am a person who loses interest on people very easily. I wake up one beautiful morning and they’re in the waiting list. 

They start appearing clingy, know-it-alls and i-know-you-so-wells in my head. And I wonder are they really acting this way or is it just me?  

I start to take steps back and back and back until they can no longer reach me. Only twice I have been asked about my distance all of the sudden. Both of them wanted a reason, both of them apologised and both of them accepted my apology.

It had an impact on me. I liked that they were not embarrased or proud to ask and accept what felt and was wrong. 

We are friends to this day. To this day I want to hear about what they say and what they do. I don’t get bothered or annoyed by it at all. Instead I look forward to listening to their stories. 


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