it’s that time of the semester

Exams. Exams. Exams. 

Life of a student, my life now

February, as mentioned a lot of times before, is a month of war for me. The amount of pages I have to study is huge, so I will probably not be around much or maybe just post short updates about how life will go. 

Sometimes I even think of throwing my phone somewhere and not touching it until March. And also all these books that are so not related to school. 

Instead what do I do? I order a couple more books from Amazon and complain about studying with one of my friends, Levy, all day long.  


(HAD TO EDIT THIS: Levy was very mad on why I said “one of my friends” and not THE FRIEND  *laughs*) 

So It went like this:

One of your friends? 

Am I not your only one? *insert angry face here*


Hashtag no regrets or maybe lots of regrets? Haha

Anyway, that is all for now. Going back to studying Roman Law. Wish me luck! 

xoxo, gossip girl 

Wait, what am I doing? Am I really that bored? Forgive me

See you soon



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