moody much(?) 

Don’t you find it frustrating when everything is going so well but since everyone around you is a moody-as-fuck person just when you are laughing the hardest, one of them goes into a raging mode taking the others with him/her? 

Yeah, well. It happens a lot around me. I have a couple of friends this way. It’s like they can’t stand staying in a good mood for long. Like it’s too boring for them or something. I will never understand it. 

And try to make them come into senses, from glaring and shouting at each other they’ll start glaring and shouting at you. Sorry(?) 

Then in a couple of minutes everything is good again. Like nothing happened and you feel like you imagined the whole scene. 

I find it very annoying. So annoying that I might slap them if I don’t control myself. I don’t know if any of you have someone like this. If yes, how do you find being around them? Is it wierd, entertaining or annoying?


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