good morning stranger(!)

Back in my pre-senior year of high school I had this friend who always came early like me. We would walk around the yard until we saw the first students coming then we’d sit next to the stairs and say “Good morning” to all of them, whether we knew them or not. 

When we first started doing this it felt awkward and we were kind of embarrased by the glares they gave us. Not even once we considered stopping. It became like a ritual before class.

Day after day, glares turned into curious eyes. Day after day the curious eyes turned into smiles. Day after day smiles turned into winks. Day after day winks turned into hellos. 

I think it happened because of the emotionless society we live in, where kindness is not always obvious. Students never expected a hello from someone they didn’t know. It came as a surprise, as something they didn’t understand. And as humans we don’t like what we don’t understand. They got used to having us around. 

But I am sure they started to feel a positive emotion from all our greeting. Even when I was late I was greeted with a hello from someone I barely recognised. I knew it was one of my morning-friends. 

I made so many friends with beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles. Friends I never said more than a hello, but shared happiness with.

So glad I did all that. It’s something to remember. I don’t consider myself as a very friendly person, so it was a thing completely out of my comfort bubble. I hope everyone does something different to remember and be remembered for. 



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