eating together… alone(?)

I don’t like eating alone in restaurants. I just don’t feel comfortable. Being in university has got me in situations where my best choice would have been to eat out, but I never did it because none of my friends could come. So I’ve gone home and miserably failed to cook eggs and boil water for tea. Yeah, I am a great cook like that! Envy me! 

Thoughts about a solution have been going through my mind. Why do people feel the need to talk when eating out? You can just eat and be quiet. For as long as you’re present it’s all good. It’s nothing to feel awkward about. With this said, it would be simplier to find someone for lunch time. 

I would really like to have someone, who may or may not be a close friend, to go out and eat without saying much. When you first hear of this you might find it strange but seriously… why not? 

I am hungry. You are too. We know each other but don’t have much in common. We are not really friends. Right now we’re both starving and feel uncomfortable eating alone. So what’s the problem in going together but actually being alone in our thoughts? 

Even if my friends are free to go or I am free to go when they ask, I still think twice about answering because of all the conversatios I will have to make. Sometimes people just want to keep quiet and enjoy. 

Hmm, maybe I should try to convice someone on this. I really want to have a “food-friend”.  

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Or would it be too awkward for you to go out with someone you don’t talk much to? 


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