little donkey, rest in peace

A horrible thing happened yesterday. My father saw a news about a little donkey walking all alone in the city center. It was said he was soaking wet, afraid and starving. We immediately opened the animal rescue organisation’s page to ask about what we could do for this poor soul only to find out he was no longer alive. 

It might be nothing for some people, just a news to give them a conversation topic. But it was so important to him and is so important to me and all the other people who still have a piece of heart on their chests. I read a lot of tasteless jokes from people about the poor creature who breathed, ate, sleept, lived a life just like the rest of us. What is so funny watching someone go without knowing love and warmth? What is so funny? 

I can’t even imagine the pain he was in, how lonely he felt, how sad and horrified. I can only blame myself for being so far away, for not being able to do anything to help him other than being behind a screen, too late. Too late to give him a chance. The chance he deserved. 

I am absolutely sure I will never understand what is all the pleasure this people feel hurting another being, watching another being’s pain. Oh, how funny, how so very funny some found this poor creature. And I am here trying to hold my rebelious tears. And I am here being happy that at least, he didn’t die alone, that he had some very amazing human beings (words that really suits them) who were by his side, who found him… unfortunately too late. 

This world is not a sad world, the people in it are. Forgetting all about compassion, living a life of only black. Forgetting all about the colour spectrum. 

I hope that when all this “humour” runs out they will understand what really happened that day. What a horrible thing happened that day. 


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