thedailyam shows up 

Today, while returning from university an unexpected thought hit me. Since I am one of those people who feels a bit scared to do what they want to do or hold themselves back because they don’t have much courage or will, I decided to create a blog where I share things I have done or want to do. Kind of like a diary. To build my self-esteem and courage, so one day I’ll manage to chase my dreams and make them a reality. 

Not that I expect anyone to read this blog because I won’t even be sharing it but I like the idea of these casual little things being written here so that I can come back to them anytime I want and feel a sense of pride. 

Don’t expect anything to much though! As I mentioned before this is all about the little things that I call important and maybe some of you do too.  Who knows? If that is the case then welcome. If not then welcome again. 

Hopefully this blog will help me (and you) get rid of the things that hold me back, my fears, my anxiety, my low self-esteem. My grandmother always said I was a girl with many talents but because of my lack of will and courage I never worked on them so they were left like an uncarved clay that never turned into a beautiful sculpture. Maybe my talents will forever be left uncarved but at least my will and courage will build up. 


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